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Corelle dishes are a great thing to have in your kitchen. They are practically priced, durable, and very versatile. They also come in so many different styles and patterns. Have you recently purchased a set of new Corelle dishes? Or maybe you have picked up a vintage set or been given a collection. Either way, you may be wondering how to properly care for your dishes. Luckily, we have researched this topic extensively and have all the answers you need on how to care for your Corelle dishes, new or old.

One of the best things about Corelle dishes is that most of them are dishwasher safe. The only exception to this is vintage Corelle dishes. Vintage Corelle dishes should be washed by hand.

In this article, we will go in further detail about the basic questions you may have about your dishes, and also how to care for them. We'll discuss how to wash your Corelle, both by hand and in the dishwasher. We will also touch on how to clean discolored dishes, and also how to get scratches out of your plates.

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How Do I Wash My Corelle Dishes in the Dishwasher?

As stated above, newer Corelle dishes purchased in sets from places like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, can all be washed in an automatic dishwasher. Please consider these general washing instructions. For final word and directions, always reference the box your dishes came in.

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Corelle dishes can be washed like any regular dish, and no real special instructions are required. Just be mindful of dish spacing while loading. Loading dishes too close together can result in scratches.

How Do I Wash My Corelle Dishes by Hand?

If you are ever uncertain about whether you can wash your dishes in the dishwasher, you can always play it safe and wash them by hand. Corelle dishes can be hand washed the same way you would hand wash any other pan or dish.

Please note that while hand washing your Corelle dishes, you should not use things like scouring pads or harsh cleaners. You should also not add liquid or try to clean a hot dish, as cracking and or breaking could occur during extreme temperature changes.

Why are my Corelle dishes turning brown?

If you are seeing brown marks or even rust spots on your Corelle dishes, it could be one of two things. Either it is coming from iron in your water supply or potentially from your chosen drying rack if you are washing by hand. Rest assured, these spots can be treated and removed. We'll discuss how in the next section.

How do you clean discolored Corelle dishes?

Thankfully, you can treat the marks you may be seeing on your dishes. Simply clean the dishes, by hand, with a non-abrasive cleaner and a regular sponge or dish brush.

A non-abrasive cleaner is just a gentler, milder soap that can be either liquid or powder form.If you are looking for a non-abrasive powder cleaner, try this Clean Day Surface Scrub from Ms. Meyers. See it on Amazon.

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If you are looking for a non-abrasive liquid or paste cleaner, try the viral product Pink Stuff. Available here, on Amazon. Try getting a new drying rack ifyou are hand washing your dishes and still notice spots popping up.

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Step-by-Step—Remove rust or brown marks from your Corelle Dishes:

  1. Start by protecting your hands with rubber gloves, if desired.
  2. Set your marked dishes in a clear space.
  3. Apply your chosen non-abrasive cleaner to a sponge; a dime-sized squirt will most likely do.
  4. Softly scrub the affected areas with your sponge until the spots disappeaCan Corelle Dishes Go In The Dishwasher? - Kitchen Seer (7)r

How do you get scratches out of Corelle plates?

There are a few different ways to potentially remove scratches from your Corelle plates; all are pretty easy. Most of these options include products you may already have at home.

First, you could try using Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. Get one here, on Amazon.

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Another popular and quick option would be by cleaning the dish with a store-bought cleaning agent. If a do-it-yourself method is more your style, our final suggestion is cleaning the dish with a DIY paste, like Bar Keepers Friend. See it on Amazon.

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To remove scratches using your own cleaner, follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Make the DIY Paste by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of dish soap.
  2. Apply the paste to the affected areas using your finger or a sponge.
  3. Rinse clean and repeat if needed.

Please keep in mind the old phrase, "the best offense is a good defense." In this case, the best way to get rid of scratches or deal with chips is to care for the plates so they don't get there in the first place.

There are a few measures you can take to potentially eliminate getting scratches on your Corelle dishes. Spread the dishes out in the dishwasher to avoid bumping or rubbing against each other during cleaning. Another tip is to not use metal utensils when serving from your dishes, try sticking with wooden or plastic utensils when possible.

Why are my dishes turning brown in the dishwasher?

As stated above, your Corelle dishes could be turning brown due to your water. The water in your house, therefore the water being used by your dishwasher, may contain enough iron to cause your dishes to turn brown or get rust-like marks.

Are Corelle Dishes Microwave and Oven Safe?

As previously stated, the major perk of Corelle dishes is that they are so versatile. With that being said, Corelle dishes are oven and microwave-safe up to 350 degrees F (177 degrees C). It does need to be noted that you should not use a Corelle dish with the broiler feature on a regular oven or toaster oven.

How Do I Care For Vintage Corelle Dishes?

Corelle has been around since the 1970s. Due to its affordability and durability, many Americans owned the early sets and a lot of them are still in circulation, whether in thrift shops or being passed down within families.

If you are the owner of a vintage Corelle dish set, it's best to hand wash your dishes if needed. It's best to only use some of these very old dishes as display pieces only due to the finding of high lead content in the paint used on some of the designs.

Where Can I Purchase Corelle Dishes? Are They Expensive?

Maybe you're reading this article because you're looking into purchasing a set of Corelle dishes but first want to make sure they are easy to care for and worth your money. Rest assured, they are. The issues you may face with your dish collection are all fairly easy to solve.

Purchase Corelle dishes on Amazon.

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If you are on a budget, you can also find Corelle dishes at secondhand or thrift stores. You will most likely be able to tell by the style and pattern if they classify as lightly used or real vintage. This is important to know as it will change how you use and care for your dishes, as discussed above.

In Closing

All in all, Corelle dishes are a kitchen must-have. While there are many dish brands on the market, Corelle is a trusted brand that has been around for a long time. Corelle dishes are economical, durable, and can be used by cooking novices and experts alike.

A huge plus about Corelle is that they are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe (up to 350 degrees). Corelle also makes a wide variety of products and styles. They have dish sets, serving plates, fine china-type sets, and even basic everyday dishes. You will not regret having a set of these dishes in your kitchen.

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