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Registration Renewal in Nevada

Before your NV vehicle registration expires, you'll need to renew it with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

This page will help you learn how to renew your registration online, by mail, or in person.

NV Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) usually sends a renewal notice before your registration expires to remind you to renew your vehicle registration.

You must renew your registration by the exact date listed on your registration. The NV DMV does not give you the option to wait until the end of the month.

Didn't Receive a Renewal Notice?

If you did not receive your Nevada registration renewal notice or you lost it, send an email us to obtain specific instructions on how to renew your vehicle registration.

Use Nevada's MyDMV application to check the status of your vehicle registration.

You are required to renew your registration even if you do not receive a renewal notice in the mail. There are no grace periods.

Renew Your NV Vehicle Registration

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The Nevada DMV offers several options to renew your vehicle registration. You may renew:

  • Online.
  • In person at:
    • Your local DMV office.
    • Self-service kiosks.
    • Participating emissions stations.

NOTE: If you renew your registration late, you will be charged late fees. For more fee information, see “Nevada Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees" below.

You can contact the NV DMV to check the status of your registration renewal.


You may renew your Nevada vehicle registration online 35 days before its expiration date or up to 18 months after your vehicle registration expires.

You may be restricted from renewing online if:

  • You have moved and haven't updated your address with the DMV.
  • You're attempting to renew too early.
  • Your vehicle requires an emissions inspection.
  • Your license and/or registration has been suspended.

To renew your Nevada registration online:

  • Visit the Nevada MyDMV registration renewal page.
  • Enter your vehicle identification details:
    • Renewal notice access code.
    • License plate number and last 4 digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Verify your vehicle record.
  • Submit a tax exemption, if applicable (not available in Clark County.)
    • Refer to the Tax Exemption instructions within the “Nevada Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees" section below for more information.
  • Pay your registration renewal fees.
    • The online system automatically calculates your fees, including any late charges you may have.
  • Print the confirmation page for your records, or request an e-mail confirmation.

By Mail

The Nevada DMV requires you contact them if you need to renew by mail because you are not ableto renew online or in person.

In Person

To renew your NV vehicle registration in person, you can visit:

  • Your local Nevada DMV office.
  • A self-service kiosk.
  • A smog check station.

DMV Offices

You should only renew your registration in person at your local Nevada DMV office if you have multiple transactions or other issues that require a visit in person.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehiclesin major cities take appointments, while other DMV locations may allow you to join the line virtually.

To renew your Nevada vehicle registration in person, you must bring your:

  • Driver's license.
  • Insurance card.
  • Payment for your registration renewal fees (see “Nevada Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees" below).


Self-service kiosks are available to renew your vehicle registration at certain DMV offices, supermarkets, and private businesses.

Use a Nevada DMV kiosk if you meet the following requirements:

  • You do not need to update your information or process other registration issues.
  • You're renewing your registration on time or within 18 months of its expiration.

To renew your registration at a Nevada DMV kiosk:

  • Visit a DMV kiosk at your most convenient location.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Submit payment for your registration renewal fee (see “Nevada Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees" below).

Upon completion, the DMV kiosk will print out your Nevada vehicle registration and dispense a license plate decal.

Smog Check Stations

You can renew your registration at some emissions inspection stations in Nevada.

To renew your registration at an emissions station, you must:

  • Take the renewal notice to a participating emissions inspection station.
  • Complete the emissions test.
  • Pay the fees for your registration renewal and emissions test.
    • You will receive separate receipts for your emissions test and renewal.

Your registration will be updated as soon as you complete the process. The Nevada DMV will send your registration and license plate decal by mail.

For more information on emission tests in Nevada, please visit our page about .

Cancelled Registration Credit for Renewals

The Nevada DMV will allow you to use a registration cancellation or transfer credit toward the renewal of another vehicle registered in your name.

If you cancel the registration on a vehicle, you will be credited the amount that still remains on that registration. You may use this either on a new vehicle registration, OR you may put it toward the renewal fees for another vehicle registered to you. As of 2016, the DMV will no longer use a declining pro-rated system for these credits.

This credit is available until the expiration date of the old registration, or until you use it on another vehicle. You will be charged $6 for the credit transfer.

Nevada Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

When you renew your car registration in Nevada, you will be required to pay renewal fees, and supplemental governmental service taxes in some counties.

Standard NV Registration Renewal Fees:

  • Passenger car: $33.
  • Trucks less than 6,000 lbs.: $33.
  • Low-speed vehicles: $33.
  • Golf cart: $10.
  • Motorcycle: $33.
    • Motorcycle safety fee: $6.
  • Registration credit transfer: $6.

The Nevada DMV provides a list of all registration renewal fees not listed here.

Tax Rates

Nevada imposes vehicle taxes based upon a calculation of the vehicle's original manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), age and depreciation. Visit the Nevada DMV website for a sample governmental service tax calculation.

Some counties also charge a supplemental governmental services tax in addition to standard renewal fees. Contact your local NV DMV office to find out if your county charges this tax.

Tax Exemptions

The Nevada DMV offers some vehicle tax exemptions to the following individuals:

  • Veterans with specific dates of service.
  • Disabled veterans and/or spouses.
  • Residents who are blind.

You must apply for an exemption at the time you register your vehicle. The Nevada DMV does not issue refunds after a vehicle is registered.

Contact your local NV DMV office to find out if you qualify for an exemption.

Military & Out-of-State Registration Renewal

Nevada Military Registration Renewals

If you're a military member stationed out of state, you can keep your vehicle registered in Nevada as long as you're on active duty.

You may also follow the instructions listed in the “Renew your NV Vehicle Registration" section above and mail in your registration renewal. Be sure to submit the Active Duty Military Combat Affidavit (Form VP258) along with your mail-in registration.

The NV DMV does NOT charge late fees to service members in combat or combat-support positions.

NOTE: You should also contact the Nevada County Assessor to see if you're eligible for any tax exemptions when renewing your vehicle registration.

Emissions Inspections & Renewals

If you're stationed in a state that requires emissions testing, you will need to get your vehicle tested and send the emissions documents with your mail-in renewal.

If you are NOT in an emissions testing area and cannot have your vehicle tested, you must complete an Emission Control Residency Affidavit (Form EC-8). Be sure to enclose this document with your mail-in registration.

NOTE: You will be required to get your vehicle tested for emissions as soon as you return to Nevada.

Registration Renewal for Out-of-State NV Residents

If your vehicle is temporarily outside of Nevada, you must mail your registration renewal using the instructions provided above. You cannot renew your NV registration online unless you get your emissions testing completed in Nevada.

  • If you're in a state where emission tests are required, you must get your vehicle tested and enclose the testing documents with your NV renewal paperwork.
  • If you're NOT in an emissions testing area and will not be getting your vehicle tested, you must complete an Emission Control Residency Affidavit (Form EC-8) and enclose this document with your mail-in registration.

Early Registration Renewal

If you know you will be outside of NV when your registration expires, you can renew your registration early. Early renewal must be done in person at your local Nevada DMV office.

The expiration date of your registration will be changed to the date you renew, and you will be credited for the difference in time between your renewal and expiration date.

NOTE: You will be required to get your vehicle tested for emissions as soon as you return to Nevada.

NV Vehicle Inspections

Emissions testing is required every year for vehicle registration renewals in Nevada. Your renewal notice will indicate whether you're required to get an emissions test.

You must renew your registration within 90 days of your emissions test, or you'll need to re-test your vehicle. If your vehicle fails the emission test, you must repair the vehicle and test again. If you fail the emission test after repairs, you may qualify for a waiver.

Visit the Nevada Vehicle Inspections page for more information on emissions testing.

Duplicate Registration or License Plate Decals

If your original registration card or license plate decals are lost or destroyed, you can order duplicates online, kiosk, or in person.


You can print another copy of your registration directly from the Nevada DMV website.

To apply for duplicate registration card or license plate decal online, you must:

  • Visit the Nevada MyDMV registration renewal page.
  • Enter all the required information.
  • Verify your vehicle record.
  • Pay the $5 duplicate registration fee and/or $5 license plate decal fee.
  • Print your duplicate certificate of registration.

At a Kiosk

To order your Nevada duplicate registration and/or license plate decal at a kiosk, you must have:

  • Your VIN
  • The last 4 characters of your license plate.
  • Your drivers license number
  • Your first name, middle name and last name as it appears on your license.
  • Your date of birth
  • Your complete address
  • Payment for your $5 duplicate registration and/or $5 license plate decal fee plus a $4 processing fee.
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