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Lay the pork chops out evenly in the bottom of the crockpot. Pour the condensed soup, broth, and one cup of water over top of the pork. Add the seasonings. Add the lid and cook on low heat for 7 hours. Remove the lid & shred the pork. Pour the rice and remaining cup of water into the crockpot.

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Ingredients for Easy Pork Chop Tomato Rice. 4 pork chops; 1 tablespoon oil; salt and pepper to taste; 10.75 oz can tomato soup; 3/4 cup long cooking rice uncooked;. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours (If it starts to get dry, add more water, and do not overcook pork chops) Easy Crock Pot Pork Chops Notes.


Spray the a 6 quart or larger slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray to avoid sticking. Lay the pork chops into bottom of crock, I squished them in as best as I could. Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Pour them over the pork chops. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours.

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Lightly spray the slow cooker with cooking spray. Then place brown and white rice, onion, butter, peas, water chestnuts, and mushrooms in the slow cooker. Pour in water, broth, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir in onion soup mix, season with pepper, and top with pork chops. Cover, and cook on Low setting for 7 to 9 hours, or on High setting for 4.

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Grease the inside of a slow cooker with nonstick cooking spray. In the slow cooker, combine condensed soup, garlic, thyme, pepper, Ranch seasoning, and (optional) cornstarch until smooth. Season pork chops with pepper on both sides. Place in the slow cooker. Cover and cook on LOW for 4-6 hours or on HIGH for 2-3 hours.

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Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook for 2-3 minutes, until thickened slightly. Stir in the Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, thyme, and rosemary. Pour the gravy over the pork chops in the Crock Pot. Cover and cook until the pork chops are tender: * Bone-in pork chops: 5-6 hours on Low or 2-3 hours on High.

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Instructions. Place cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, water, and rice directly into slow cooker. Stir well with a mixing spoon or whisk until everything is well combined. Season boneless pork chops with garlic salt and pepper and add to slow cooker. Give a quick stir to make sure the pork chops are covered with some of the rice and.

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Coat pork chops in mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Brown in hot vegetable oil in a skillet. Add chops to slow cooker insert. Pour french onion soup, water and celery seeds on top of chops. Bake on high for 3 hours or low for 7 to 8 hours; add instant rice and stir. Cover lid, and cook on high for 30 more minutes or until rice is cooked.

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When about 1 hour remains in the cooking time, remove the pork chops from the slow cooker. Stir in the rice, heavy whipping cream, and remaining salt, pepper, and thyme until evenly combined with the liquid mixture in the slow cooker. Add the pork chops back in, cover, and cook on high for 45-60 minutes.

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Place pork chops in the bottom of the slow cooker. In a medium bowl, combine the onion soup mix, garlic, parsley, ground mustard, black pepper, chicken stock and cream soups. Pour the soup mixture on top of the pork chops. Add two tablespoons of butter to the top of the mixture. Cover and cook on low for 3 hours.

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After seven hours, remove the lid and shred the pork chops with a fork. Add the rice and one more cup of water. Stir to make sure the rice is covered with liquid, and replace the lid. Cook ON HIGH for 45 minutes to one more hour or until rice is done cooking. Remove the lid, add the shredded cheese, and stir. Enjoy!

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How to Make Creamy Pork and Rice in a Crock Pot. Place your pork chops in the bottom of your 6-quart crock pot (I used sir Hamilton, my Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated Slow Cooker) Mix together your remaining ingredients in a large bowl and pour over top of your pork chops. Cover and cook on low for 4-6 hours, stirring well every hour or so.

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Skillet Method. Follow Steps 1 through 6 of the crock pot method. Add the rice and parsley to the skillet with the onions and top with the pork chops. Add the chicken stock to the skillet along with 1/2 cup of water or more stock. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat.

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Crock Pot Pork Chop Rice Casserole Notes: Make sure you use long-grain, long cooking rice for this, not minute rice. An easy way to tell is to look at the cooking instructions on the package. The instructions on the right package will tell you to bring the water to a boil and let it simmer for at least 15 minutes, NOT the package that says you.

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HOW TO MAKE TO MAKE CROCK POT PORK CHOPS: In a 5-6 quart slow cooker, combine onion soup mix, chicken broth, cream of chicken soup and pork gravy mix. Whisk together until combined. Don't worry about any lumps, they will go away during cooking. Season both sides of the chops with a little bit of garlic powder.

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Place pork chops in one layer, pour sauce over top, then do a second layer of chops topped with sauce, etc until you've added all your chops. End with sauce completely covering the pork chops. Cook on high for 1 and a half hours or low for 3 to 4 hours. Serve pork chops and gravy over rice, if desired.