15 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Your Kids Will Love This Fall

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To make this adorableness, fill the fingers of a food service glove with goldfish, the palm with popcorn, stick a googly eye on the thumb, and tie some colored curling ribbon around the thumb and the base to look like a wattle and feet. My friend, Beth, the Mama Bee at the blog From the Hive, was where I was inspired to make this snack of cuteness.

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Use whole cloves for the eyes. Turkey Snack Bag. Fill the fingers of a clear plastic glove with colored cheese crackers, putting a different color in each finger. Fill the hand and thumb portion.

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Instructions. Pop popcorn according to package directions and allow to cool completely. Fill each finger of the glove with a different color of peanut M&M. Then fill thumb about ½ way with red plain M&Ms. Fill the rest of glove with the popcorn and close the bottom of the glove with a twist tie or a ribbon.

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Directions. Step 1 Draw a beak and eyes on the thumb for a face. Step 2 Fill four fingers of the gloves (excluding the thumb) with Reese's pieces and candy corn, alternating each finger with.

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Raisins and peanuts are also a great option for this crafty snack. Start by filling each of the fingers with the first snack, leaving the thumb empty. Then, fill the remaining space in the glove with the second snack. Once your turkey is plumped to perfection, use a rubber band on the base of the glove to lock it in place.

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Using clean hands, shape the mixture into small sticks, about 4-5 inches long and 1/2 inch thick. Make sure to compact the meat mixture tightly to prevent the sticks from falling apart during cooking. In a skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Place the turkey sticks in the skillet and cook for about 4-5 minutes per side, or until they.

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Directions: Begin by poking toothpicks into the "back" of the apple for the feathers. The top of the apple (where the stem comes out) is where the turkey's face will go, so you are actually poking into the side of the apple. Add snacks items to the "feathers" and top each feather with a marshmallow, gum drop or raisin.

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Supplies Needed for Turkey Snack Bags: Clear Plastic Gloves. Popcorn. Colored Goldfish Crackers. Red & Orange Felt (optional) Googly eyes (optional) I just popped one of our favorite 100 calorie snack popcorn bags and when it was cool, I got to work on the turkey snack bags! I filled the four fingers with the colored goldfish.

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Turkey Shaped Ideas for Lunch and Snacks. CHEESY TURKEY SNACKS by Living Locurto. TOM TURKEY by Little Nummies. KIDS THANKSGIVING TURKEY SANDWICH by Giggles Galore. TURKEY JUICE BOX from Tonya Staab. (Note: Make sure to use 100% real fruit juice) TURKEY SANDWICH by Meet the Dubiens.

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Leave a small amount of space to twist and position the wattle of the turkey. Twist the thumb and down to create the wattle. Unfold the top and fill the middle or hand part with popcorn. Fill it mostly full so the popcorn is packed and holds the Goldfish crackers in place. Twist the bottom of the glove opening and fold to the back, taping with.

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The Turkey Treat Bags are easy to make so kids can make their own during craft time using a food grade glove or they can be given out as a Thanksgiving party gift bag.I added two optional gift tags to the printable template that say, "Happy Thanksgiving," and, "I'm so Thankful for You." so you can easily make your treat bag ready to give away.

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3. Twist or fold the bottom of the glove (opening) to the back and use either glue or a piece of tape to secure it in place so the popcorn and candy doesn't fall out. 4. Add a googly eye just above the thumb. 5. Twist the thumb down for the wattle. (optional: secure with clear rubber band) 6. Cut out a beak using the scissors and orange.

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3. Stuffing the Turkey: Next, fill the main part of the glove with popped popcorn. This will give your turkey a full, round body. 4. Tying it All Together: Once filled, gather the open end of the glove and secure it with a colorful pipe cleaner. This will seal the bag together and add a little more color to the treats!

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Create a Cute Thanksgiving Snack. I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, and I'm going to take a cue from my mom's page and make the kids' table lively--and keep the snacks coming! These adorable turkey glove snacks will definitely make the cut.

15 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Your Kids Will Love This Fall

Twist the bottom of the glove and then tie it in a knot. Make little legs with your orange pipe cleaner and then wrap it around the knot. Tape the extra glove part to the back side. Glue on a googly eye on the thumb finger and make a beak with the orange pipe cleaner.

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What you need to make your own Turkey Goldfish Snacks: plastic gloves. wiggle eyes. glue dots. twine. a verity of Goldfish snack crackers. We had fun by using a verity of Goldfish I grabbed a bag of rainbow, original, princess, and pretzel. I could easily have skipped one. We sorted each of the goldfish snacks by color.